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Award Winning Digital Artist, Animator, Author, Musician, 3D Modeler

Since I decided to pick up the guitar I wanted to learn as much as possible about it so over the past few years I have learned how to properly setup a guitar for high or low action. And most importantly how to INTONATE a guitar. I have acquired most of the guitars in my collection from non-working or poorly intonated instruments that where practically given away instead of being taken to a guitar tech.

To facilitate my learning process, both musically and technically, I opened a shop on Reverb and used eBay and other venues to buy and sell guitars. I keep my present collection at around 60 guitars. Most in the mid range class with about a half dozen legitimate performers. I went through a couple of hundred guitars, buying, repairing, refurbishing and giving them all major doses of TLC. 
This allowed me to build my current collection into a wide ranging selection of guitars. Need a Strat... got a 60th Anniversary hanging on the wall. Want to do some Santana... grab the PRS Santana or maybe some jazz or blues on the 335 or one of the Les Pauls in the collection.
Since I learned playing on so many different guitars the neck size means next to nothing to me. Just put a guit-box in my hands and I'll play it regardless of neck type. From the heavy ass Pauls to the much lighter acoustics I really enjoy my collection. I can walk in and pick any guitar off the wall or floor stand and start playing.
As you may have guessed by now... going through that many guitars and maintaining my collection means I restring a LOT of guitars. Even if I purchase a near perfect guitar the first thing that happens is the strings are gone and my favorite Rev. Willy's Mexican Lottery Brand strings are substituted. Factor in regular restringing and I go through a lot of strings AND batteries. Don't forget those little bastards that always die at the worst time. 
And yes... it's all for sale. Including my favorites. I am constantly turning over my collection and that in itself is a real treat and something I look forward to. Below are just a small selection of the guitars that have crossed my workbench in the past couple of years or so.
So out of 60 guitars including Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, G&L and PRS which guitars are my favorite?
My can't do without, desert island, guitar - G&L ASAT (not a Tribute Model, the real deal) for it's feel and tonal quality.
Favorite acoustic guitar - FAITH. 'nuff said. Go look 'em up if you never heard of one.
My surprisingly good cheaper guitar: Micheal Kelly '50's Strat reproduction. Looks great, feels good and sounds good. A $300 guitar new out of the box! My honorable mention is also a Michael Kelly... the Magnum Patriot. Picked this puppy up on sale for $299 with a locking trem... in slick black. Its makes you look good on a bad night and that is priceless.

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