MD McCallum (WarLord)

Award Winning Digital Artist, Animator, Author, Musician, 3D Modeler

UPDATE: Finally got me one of them new fangled electronic drum kits. After spending some time with it... I wish I'd have done it a lot sooner. This is a basic Yamaha DTX400K kit that has lots of options. Love being able to put on the headphones and pound away without the neighbors even knowing. Afraid the old Pearl set may never get out of the loft storage now.
I swear that someday I'll actually post something here besides this cheap 'ass Pearl kit. I got lots of cool percussion toys like cajons, congas, bongos and even a BAD ASS triangle with a really cool rubber grip! Love my Pork Pie snare drum too. That little beast and the double Cobra bass drum pedal really kicks ass. Between real drums and my Akai analong Wildcat drum machine I can punch out just about any beat I need... whether I can play it or not... got to love those drum machines!

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